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Milena Suarez Castillo

I am a Data Scientist at the Lab Santé (Drees - Statistics for the French Ministry of Health), affiliated to the CREST. I defended my PhD (Paris School of Economics) in october 2023 in environmental and health economics, under the supervision of Laurent Gobillon.

I am also Deputy Head of the Lab Santé - we recruit data scientists, statisticians and welcome interns: if you are interested in health, data, datascience, statistics and/or econometrics and fluent in French, please do not hesitate to contact me at milena.suarez-castillo at

In particular if you have a PhD, check out the Postdoc offer with Inria Public health from large-scale electronic health records

Check out some nice initiatives from colleagues: UtilitR; Datalab - for the datascience public community


[Temporally Consistent Present Population from Mobile Phone Signaling Data for Official Statistics] with François Sémécurbe, Cezary Ziemlicki, Tom Seimandi and Haixuan Xavier Tao, forthcoming in Journal of Official Statistics in 2023.

Fuzzy matching on big-data: an illustration with scanner and crowd-sourced, with Lino Galiana. In Proceedings of the 2022 ACM Conference on Information Technology for Social Good (GoodIT ‘22).

How Do Wage Setting Institutions Affect Wage Rigidity? Evidence from French Micro Data, Labour Economics, 2022, with Erwan Gautier and Sébastien Roux,

Vaccine-induced and naturally-acquired protection against Omicron and Delta symptomatic infection and severe COVID-19 outcomes, France, December 2021 to January 2022 Euro Surveill. 2022;27(16) with Hamid Khaoua and Noémie Courtejoie

Vaccine effectiveness and duration of protection against symptomatic infections and severe Covid-19 outcomes in adults aged 50 years and over, France, January to mid-December 2021. Global Epidemiology 2022, p.100076. with Hamid Khaoua and Noémie Courtejoie

Disentangling the effects of air pollutants with many instruments Journal of Environmental Economics and Management 2021, with Alexandre Godzinski

The French official statistics strategy: Combining signaling data from various mobile network operators for documenting COVID-19 crisis effects on population movements and economic outlook Data & Policy 2021, avec Elise Coudin et Mathilde Poulhes

What Makes a Good High School? Measuring School Effects beyond the Average Economics and Statistics n° 528-529 - 2021 with Pauline Givord

Rigidités nominales et réelles des salaires en France: quel rôle des accords collectifs? Revue Française d’Economie, Volume 34, pp. 45-89 2019, with Erwan Gautier and Sébastien Roux

On social optimal routing under selfish response IEEE Transactions on Control of Network Systems, 2018 with Walid Krichene and Alexandre Bayen

Working Papers

Fuzzy matching on big-data An illustration with scanner data and crowdsourced nutritional data, with Lino Galiana. JMS communications 2022

Short-term health effects of public transport disruptions: air pollution and viral spread channels, with Alexandre Godzinski. Insee WP G2019/05

Product switching, market power and distance to core competency with Rémi Monin, Insee WP G2020/..


Estimation de l’efficacité vaccinale contre les formes graves de Covid-19, Dossier de la Drees 90 with Hamid Khaoua and Noémie Courtejoie

Empirical assessment of principles of access and scenarios with MNOs 2021 avec Mathilde Poulhes et Benoît Loutrel

Retour partiel des mouvements de population avec le déconfinement 2021, Insee Analyse n°54 avec Lino Galiana, François Sémécurbe, Élise Coudin, Marie-Pierre de Bellefon

Lockdown movement DataViz Github

Contribution au rapport d'évaluation du CICE. Documents de travail Insee G2018/03; G2018/11 and France Stratégie Reports, avec Rémi Monin

La pollution de l’air due au trafic automobile augmente les admissions aux urgences pour maladies respiratoires (Insee Analyses 46, 2019), avec Alexandre Godzinski

Le rôle des accords collectifs sur la dynamique des salaires (Insee références Emploi, chômage, revenus du travail, 2018) avec Erwan Gautier et Sébastien Roux

Effets du crédit d’impôt pour la compétitivité et l’emploi sur les prix pratiqués par les entreprises, (Insee références Les entreprises en France 2018) avec Rémi Monin